Signals & Systems CE-242

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Matlab Related Materials



  • Spring 91: HW1(P), HW2(P), HW3(P,gibbs.m), HW4(P), HW5(P), HW6(P), HW7(P) (Instructor: Mr Soltani).
  • Fall 91: HW1(P,S), HW2(P,S), HW3(P,S), HW4(P), HW5(P,S), HW6(P), HW7(P,S1,S2).
  • Spring 90: HW1(P), HW2(P), HW3(P), HW4(P), HW5(P), HW6(P), HW7(P), HW8(P),Matlab HW 1,Matlab HW 2,Matlab HW 3(Instructor: Mr Soltani).
  • Fall 90: HW1(P,S), HW2(P,S), HW3(P,S), HW4(P,S), HW5(P), HW6(P), HW7(P), HW8 (P).
  • Fall 89: HW1(S), HW2(S1,S2,S3), HW3(S),HW4(S),HW5(S1,S2).
  • Fall 86: HW1(S),HW2(S), HW3(S), HW6(P), HW7(P).

Midterms and Finals:

  • Fall 87 (MidtermP)
  • Fall 88 (MiniP), (MidtermP)
  • Spring 88 (FinalS) (FinalS) (FinalS)
  • Fall 89 (MidtermP,S), (MidtermP)

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  • The course team thank Mr J.Muhammadi, Dr M.H.Rohban, and Mr A.Soltani for their contributions to the course content.

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