DML Sharif University of Technology
LAP: An Attention-Based Module for Faithful Interpretation and Knowledge Injection in Convolutional Neural Networks
Despite the state-of-the-art performance of deep convolutional neural networks, they are susceptible to bias and malfunction in unseen situations. The complex computation behind their reasoning is not sufficiently human-understandable to develop trust. External explainer methods have tried to interpret the network decisions in a human-understandable way, but they are accused of fallacies due to their assumptions and simplifications. On the other side, the inherent self-interpretability of models, while being more robust to the mentioned fallacies, cannot be applied to the already trained models. In this work, we propose a new attention-based pooling layer, called Local Attention Pooling (LAP), that accomplishes self-interpretability and the possibility for knowledge injection without performance loss. Moreover, several weakly-supervised knowledge injection methodologies are provided to enhance the process of training. We verified our claims by evaluating several LAP-extended models on three different datasets, including Imagenet. The proposed framework offers more valid human-understandable and more faithful-to-the-model interpretations than the commonly used white-box explainer methods.
RSNA, CelebA, ImageNet
Start Date
Jan. 22, 2022
Ahmad Salimi
Rassa Ghavami
Alireza Dizaji
Hamid R. Rabiee