DML Sharif University of Technology
Multimedia Multicast Based on Multiterminal Source Coding
  None   2010       Distributed source coding Indirect multi terminal source coding CEO problem Multicast
A. Aghagolzadeh , M. Nooshyar , H.R. Rabiee and E. Mikaili
Multimedia multicast with two servers based on the multiterminal source coding is studied in some previous researches. Due to the possibility of providing an approach for practical code design for more than two correlated sources in IMTSC/CEO setup, in this paper, the framework of Slepian-Wolf coded quantization is extended and a practical code design is presented for IMTSC/CEO with the number of encoders greater than two. Then the multicast system based on the IMTSC/CEO is applied to the cases with three, four and five servers. Since the underlying code design approach for the IMTSC/CEO problem has the capability of applying to an arbitrary number of active encoders, the proposed MMBMSC method can also be used with an arbitrary number of servers easily. Also, explicit expressions of the expected distortion with an arbitrary number of servers in the MMBMSC system are presented. Experimental results with data, image and video signals show the superiority of our proposed method over the conventional solutions and over the MMBMSC system with two servers.