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PPIM: An Incentive Mechanism for a Hybrid Peer to Peer Live Video Streaming System
  Dec   2012       Peer to Peer Networks Push-Pull Live Video Streaming Free-Riding Hybrid Incentive Mechanisms
A. Alimohammadifar , M. Khansari and H.R. Rabiee
To disseminate the video chunks in a live P2P video streaming system, all users should contribute in uploading the video chunks; however there are some free-riders who tend to download video chunks from the network without uploading any. In this paper we propose a Push-Pull live video streaming system with a hybrid incentive mechanism to deal with the problem of free riding. Our main goal is to minimize the effect of free riding in the network by using a reciprocal based incentive mechanism in the pull phase and a reputation based incentive mechanism in the push phase of the system. Our experimental results show that the percentage of the video distortion received by contributors is reduced considerably by utilizing the PPIM.
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Nanyang Executive Center, Singapore