DML Sharif University of Technology

Amir Alimohammadifar

Group Multemedia Systems and Complex Networks
Entrance 2010

• Ability to access specialized knowledge, think and act logically to make decisions, evaluate and solve problems. • A team-oriented person with great communication skills and experienced in leading and working in groups. • More than six years of work experience in information systems and IT security industry, R&D unit team leader • DevSecOps role in establishing automation/operational process for SIEM platform in a large-scale environment. • DevOps knowledge and familiar with concepts and tools such as: ELK, ETCD, REDIS, Docker, Puppet, Git, etc. • In-depth knowledge of networks, cryptography & security protocols, Linux systems, IDSes, firewalls and VPNs. • Multiple scripting and programming languages: C/C++, Java, Python, Bash, Ruby, Puppet.

PPIM: An Incentive Mechanism for a Hybrid Peer to Peer Live Video Streaming System
A. Alimohammadifar , M. Khansari and H.R. Rabiee