DML Sharif University of Technology

Reza Motamedi

Group Data Science and Machine Learning
Entrance 2008

Computer networks and research on distributed networked systems is my passion. I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oregon - Oregon Network Research Group. My research is mostly focused on domain knowledge informed measurement based analysis of networked systems. I am a systems researcher in the field of computer networking, with specific focus on network system measurement. As a researcher, computer network scientist, and software developer my expertise lies in in developing tools and systems for measurement and data collection, simulation and modeling, and data analysis for research on large scale systems. I use statistical models, mathematical analysis, graph-based analysis and modeling, as well as data mining techniques in my research. I also mentored a few undergraduate and graduate students through their research projects. Technical Skills: -- Specialties: Network measurement, Network design and architecture, Network stack, TCP/IP, BGP, VLAN, MPLS, IXP, CDN, Network programming, Automated data gathering, Big data analysis and data mining, Graph theory and complex network analysis, social network analysis, Research, Software Development -- Highly proficient in several programming languages; Python, Java, C++, Unix bash, and Data analysis using Pandas, and SQL databases. -- Familiarity with Software defined networks, Spark ecosystem.

LayeredCast - a hybrid Peer-to-Peer live layered video streaming protocol
M. Moshref , R. Motamedi , H.R. Rabiee and M. Khansari