DML Sharif University of Technology

Mojgan Khaledi

Group Multemedia Systems and Complex Networks
Entrance 2007

I am a recent PhD graduate in Computer Science from University of Utah. During my studies I took several data science, statistics, and theoretic courses. I always love to apply my theoretical background to solve real world problems. During my PhD, I proposed and implemented efficient approaches for Crowdsourced Spectrum Monitoring on Commodity devices, Distributed Computation offloading in Mobile Cloud Computing, Target Tracking in RF sensors, and Location Privacy. I have done several course projects and coded in many languages including Matlab, Java, c/c++. Some part of my work has been published in conferences such as MobiCom and SECON. I got my Master degree in Information Technology with focus on Wireless Networks from Sharif University of Technology. I took several courses covering concepts of Networking and Wireless Communications and have done several research projects in this area.

Mobility Analyzer: A Framework for Analysis and Recognition of Mobility Traces in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
M. Khaledi , A.M.A. Hemmatyar , H.R. Rabiee , S.M. Mousavi and M. Khaledi



Fuzzy Mobility Analyzer: A Framework for Evaluating Mobility Models in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
M. Khaledi , H.R. Rabiee and M. Khaledi