DML Sharif University of Technology

Arash Vahdat

Group Data Science and Machine Learning
Entrance 2008

Computer Vision/Machine Learning expert, with top-tier conference publications and seven years of experience in design and implementation of machine learning based algorithms for a variety of visual recognition problems, applied to unconstrained images and videos common on the internet. A specialist in Python, Matlab and C/C++, familiar with OpenCV, experienced in large scaled visual data analysis and an eager engineer to learn new technologies. Keywords: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image/Video Analysis, Action Recognition, Object Recognition, Face Recognition, Video Retrieval, Video Tagging, Low-Level image and Video Representations for Shape, Color, Texture, and Motion.

Face Virtual Pose Generation using Aligned Locally Linear Regression for Face Recognition
M.H. Rohban , H.R. Rabiee and A. Vahdat