DML Sharif University of Technology

Ali Shahin Shamsabadi

Group Data Science and Machine Learning
Entrance 2015

This is Dr Ali Shahin Shmasabadi! I am a Research Associate at the Artificial intelligence (Safe and ethical) under supervision of Adrian Weller at The Alan Turing Institute. Meanwhile, I am a visitor at CleverHans Lab where I was a Postdoctoral Fellow under the supervision of Nicolas Papernot at Vector Institute before joining the Turing. I have received a PhD in Computer Science from the Queen Mary University of London. During my PhD, I did internships at Inria (with Aurélien Bellet and Emmanuel Vincent on the intersection of differential privacy and audio) and The Alan Turing Institue (with Adria Gascon and Matt Kusner on the intersection of multi-party computation and machine learning). I was also a PhD visitor at Imperial College London working with Hamed Haddadi.

Deep Private-Feature Extraction
S.A. Osia , A. Taheri , A.S. Shamsabadi , K. Katevas , H. Haddadi and H.R. Rabiee



Private and Scalable Personal Data Analytics using a Hybrid Edge-Cloud Deep Learning
S.A. Osia , A.S. Shamsabadi , A. Taheri , H.R. Rabiee and H. Haddadi



A new algorithm for training sparse autoencoders
A.S. Shamsabadi , M. Babaie-Zadeh , S.Z. Seyyedsalehi , H.R. Rabiee and C. Jutten