DML Sharif University of Technology

Mahdi Amiri

Group Multemedia Systems and Complex Networks
Entrance 2003

As head of R&D department in Novin Tejarat Biram, I am developing new algorithms for time series analysis and lead algorithmic trading related projects. I had active research in the area of time series analysis, pattern recognition, computer vision and multi-resolution signal processing including theory, design, implementation and applications. Specific areas of interest include: Probabilistic time series modeling, Time series forecasting, Digital video and image processing, Feature extraction. Research Interests: Time Series Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision (CV), Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT).

RASIM: A Novel Rotation and Scale Invariant Matching of Local Image Interest Points
M. Amiri and H.R. Rabiee



A novel rotation/scale invariant template matching algorithm using weighted adaptive lifting scheme transform
M. Amiri and H.R. Rabiee